As a Product Designer, I am responsible for the user experience and the interface design of the product, in this case, the prepack and games of JTP and Machon Noam.


Datta, Saugato, and Sendhil Mullainathan. "Behavioral design: a new approach to development policy."  60.1 (2014): 7-35.‏

My first step is to find the competitors & inspiration sources. JTP has a local product and an international product, so I explored both markets.

In parallel I'm conducting

a secondary research, meaning I'm exploring using google scholar, in order to find researches that will help me to get a better understanding of the user's motivation, pains and blocks.

Zhou, Qinyi. Usability Study of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Platforms. Diss. Northeastern University Boston, 2018.‏

Korableva, Olga, et al. "Studying user satisfaction with the MOOC platform interfaces using the example of coursera and open education platforms." 2019.‏

I work closely with the developers team and the content editors, in order to understand our Users, our product and our technical limitations. regarding to those, I build wireframes that tries to answer our users needs and fix their pain spots.

​The main challenge is to consider in my design the normal users behavior regarding studying, and taking any cognitive load tasks. I need to make the experience as easy as possible, and as satisfying as it can be.

Tests are full of stress, so I find it very important that the interface will interact with the users, call than by their names and show them a smiley face with nice comments.


The company's product can be copied, so I can't share most of it online. 

(only paying customers can see it)

I also create the design and animations using Adobe programs (Such as After Effects, XD, Premiere and photoshop) and Figma.