Ever since I was a little girl, I imagined my future home.

Home became a significant dream of mine, and I spent hours thinking about it. Once I became a student, I've decided to explore the meaning of home for us humans, and for me specifically.

A Place to Call Home is a digital documentary project, that I created as my final project for my master's degree at Tel Aviv University. The project is showing the lives of several characters, that are living in alternative housing such as yacht or caravan. The project is combined with a study I did about home and territory. The project will be featured on multiple platforms. On this page you can see some of the illustrations I created for our Instagram page

1. The project's website – In my site, the users will experience a "tour" on the different homes and discover the characters through short videos attached to different items in their homes.

2. Instagram page – For our story, we will ask people to share pictures of their home or special items that tell their story. Our intention is to create a sort of crowdsourcing on our story, that creates a portrait of a home. For our Instagram wall, I drew digital paintings of the characters, their homes, and important items. The wall will look like a continuous image.

3. The full movie (that includes all the characters) will be uploaded on YouTube.