Pizza Slice​

I designed the Pizza slice app with Figma.

I relied on xtensio's research on Competitive Analysis.


according to the research, one of the biggest weakness of the competitors, is their high price.
Pizza slice allow the customers to order the precise amount of pizza they want, so they wouldn't have to take for instance a large tray, they are able to order half of it.

My sources of inspiration were:

  •            Pinterest 

  • The Ten Bis's (תן ביס) app

  • The Domino's app

  •            Blaze Pizza

TIME is a big factor for customers,
Combined with the urge to know and be in control.
That's why delivery tracking is a feature 
we see more and more on delivery based apps.

In my design the customers can see the pizze getting closer to their location

Research have shown that guest checkout is the best way to reduce abandonment.

Why offer guest checkout?

  • It can reduce abandonment rates.

  • It’s much easier for mobile users.

  • It gets shoppers straight into payment forms. 

  • It makes checkout seem like less work.

  • You can still provide a registration option. 



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