You must have read a lot of written text about candidates by now, so instead of using words, I made this video to tell you a little bit about myself, enjoy :)

(If you're a reader, scroll down)

Hi, my name is Orel and I'm a digital UX\UI designer

I started my journey as a video editor and designer.
I loved my job, but something was missing, and I decided it's time to expand my knowledge. So, I enrolled in a bachelor's degree in Digital Media at Tel Aviv University to learn the art of storytelling. I discovered the world of user experience and user interface design and fell in love with it. 
In order to become a designer myself, I took some courses on Udemy, in addition to my Master's Degree studies. I gained theoretical and practical knowledge, mainly on Adobe programs:

As a digital storyteller, my primary goal is to understand who the user is, what I want to tell him, and what is the most interesting, yet clear, way to do so. Video editing and UX have a lot in common - my job is to both organize the story for the viewer\user and create a positive experience for them.

I believe each app and website  has an amazing story to tell,
Let's tell it together :)

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